Tongs for ham

– universal stainless steel tongs for ham, on the stainless stees tips are given holds for transportation

– base of tongs for ham and handgrips are made from beech  

– very easy, fast and practical positioner

– construction of positioner allows to fasten up all types of ham.

– easy services



CONTROL DESK for flow line 


1. Size h=1100, w=1200, d=650/750mm*
*(size according to customers)
2. Possibility to supply empty control desk with requested colour outside or setting components, according to a customer.
3. Coloured design powded technology in the tone RAL.
4. Supply date according to agreement with customer.






Converter DC-AC/ Source AC-DC

Converter DC – AC
Source AC – DC
with automatic switching

This product is used where the electric current is disconnected or where there is no current and we need to energize electrical appliances with supply voltage 230 V 50 Hz. It’s useful in the family houses, in the weekend houses, in the caravans, and for power supply electronic ticket offices of the shops. 

It works in the normal working condition like a source 230 V 50Hz with power 600 W according to elected converter where energy is removed from consumer net 230 V 50 Hz. In this situation is possible to replenish battery. In case that it will be outage, the instrument will be switched automatically to the situation “converter” and it serves like a standby equipment uninterrupted voltage. In this case the power supply is from the battery. 

The working time in this converter belongs to capacity and technical disposition of the battery and also taking off the wattage. Output voltage is trapezial with frequency 50 Hz. In case regeneration of the supply energy in the consumer net 230 V 50 Hz – the instrument will go back by itself to the starting working condition.

The product is possible used like a convertor, no matter if there is the electrical current providing that there is secured suitable directly power supply 12V with corresponding capacity. The contruction of this product is very easy to remove because it has a small size and low weight.The convertor has also charging automatics which provides charging-up battery under value electric voltage.

Technical data:

 UPS 600
Entering size of the  d.c. voltage  
10 – 15 V
Entering Current while it’s full load 
60 A
Resting take-off 
0,72 A
Alternate exit current 
230 V, 50 Hz






Permanent exit output 
600 W






Peak output 
1200 W






85 – 90 %
Checking of the discharge battery 
yes 10 – 11 V
Heat insurance yes 60 °C
Protection against supercharge
Short-circuit protection 
yes with protection






Protection against reversing of polarity of the battery  
yes with protection
Speed switchover
10 ms






Max accumulator current 
2850 g